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A message from Chris, President at Soladey International

“In our age consumers must be more health-conscious than ever. Our sole purpose at Soladey International is to introduce environmentally responsible products in to the market, which will be of benefit to our health. In order to achieve this successfully, our products must be different, be special, and thus necessarily radical!

Soladey is an ionic toothbrush that really does work wonders for your smile! The brush is a regular household item in Japan, where sales top over 2 million units a year, and where the replacement brush heads are purchased at a rate of over 5 million units annually.

The Soladey ionic toothbrush is a completely new approach to dental hygiene. The natural reaction of negative electrons with bacteria removes plaque effortlessly. The brush contains a patented titanium rod that reacts with natural or artificial light sources in order to disintegrate the plaque barrier on contact.

The results of using the Soladey ionic toothbrush are immediate, and from the moment the user realizes this, there is no looking back! I have personally been using the Soladey ionic toothbrush for over 7 years, and have confirmed its results with friends and family. Testimonials can easily be supplied, but the best one will be your own. Your dental hygienist will be amazed how clean your teeth are!

Soladey International has been working with Soladey for 15 years, and was appointed by the Japanese manufacturer as world agent for the product in all markets including North America (excluding Japan and Korea).

We trust that our product choices will give you much to think about, and we look forward to receiving feedback and answering any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting us!”

Christopher Hands

CEO, Soladey International