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A fresh new way to improve your total oral hygiene

Bacteria in plaque attack food, producing acid. This acid causes bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Normally, saliva neutralizes this action. But when plaque builds up, it acts as a barrier, preventing the neutralizing action of the saliva. According to clinical studies the Soladey ionic brush can stop this plaque buildup. Working with saliva, the brush controls and reduces the bacteria responsible for plaque.

Reduces cavities

The Soladey ionic toothbrush reduces cavity-causing bacteria and stops bleeding gums by the natural cleansing action of safe, free electrons emitted from the solar conducting rod. All with gentle on your smile brushing.

For cleaner, whiter teeth

Plaque adhesion to your teeth is reduced photo-electronically by the Soladey ionic toothbrush’s superior cleaning ability – even with the light brushing that is recommended technique for use.

Smokers’ tobacco stains have also been shown to be reduced by the Soladey ionic toothbrush, and there are many testimonials claiming the removal of difficult stains in a period of weeks with consistent use of the Soladey ionic toothbrush.

Toothpaste is unnecessary

The ionic process of the Soladey toothbrush cleans your teeth without abrasives, and so effective plaque removal is possible without toothpaste. If you do choose to use toothpaste for taste the ionic process is not affected in any way..

Affordable and economical

With care, the handle and rod can last a lifetime, requiring replacement of the bristle heads only at a cost comparable to that of a regular quality toothbrush.

Take it anywhere!

The Soladey ionic toothbrush eliminates the need for toothpaste and simply relies on light and water – making it ideal for travelling and camping trips. The Soladey toothbrush is perfect for anyone on the go, as it’s easy to keep in the car, a purse, and the lunchbox!

Environmentally responsible

Since the handle and titanium rod in the Soladey ionic toothbrush can last a lifetime, and only the small bristle heads are replaced when worn, manufacturing, transport and landfill impacts are greatly reduced. In addition, since no toothpaste is necessary, this again reduces the impact from toothpaste manufacturing, transport and everything associated with this huge industry, as well as no more toothpaste down the drain!