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The honest truth, and real proof

“Soladey is the only toothbrush you actually see and feel working. This simple looking Ionic toothbrush is the most effective I have ever tested. It removes plaque, it causes your teeth to repel plaque, it reduces bacteria and biofilm in the mouth, it gets rid of bad breath and morning breath, it helps prevent bleeding gums and has eliminated it in most cases, it removes stains from your teeth like coffee and tobacco, and it is environmentally friendly in a big way.

Children have a natural dislike to toothpaste and now they don’t have to use it at all, in fact everyone tends to brush for longer periods of time because they can see it working. The company is dedicated to educating patients and professionals everywhere in regards to improving overall health by improving daily oral hygiene.

We should have had this technology long ago!”

Dr. Michael Margolis DDS – President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

My mouth is alive, healthy and clean

“Using the Soladey toothbrush has been an incredible experience. Never has my mouth felt so alive, healthy, and clean. Even when I floss, the areas between my teeth feel smoother and cleaner. My gums feel great and my teeth are already looking whiter after only 4 days. The difference between brushing with this toothbrush and others I have tried is striking. I look forward to hearing what the dental hygienist says the next time I go in for a cleaning. And one last thing, without having to use toothpaste, it is easy to brush any time, anywhere so there is no problem brushing after any meal. Thank you Soladey.”

Joe K, Ann Arbor MIchigan / USA

Highly effective and highly recommended.highly effective and highly recommended

“Don’t let the product’s simple look fool you, we highly recommend the Soladey toothbrush to all our patients because it has proven to be a simple, highly effective and economical means of controlling both the formation and removal of dental plaque.”

Dr. Derek Clease DMD & Dr. Andrew Willoughby DMD Vancouver Dental Spa

No more bleeding gums – thank you!

“I heard about your product and have been using your tooth brush for two plus years. It is amazing and an excellent product. My dentist has been very pleased with my results from using this toothbrush… I had to have gum lengthening surgery four years ago. As a result of mercury toxicity I had very sensitive and bleeding gums. Ever since I started using this brush my gums have stopped bleeding and have become so much more healthy. Oh, Oh, I should be on a commercial for your company!

Thank you!”

Durham N.C. / USA

Whiter teeth, less plaque, fresher breath

“I have been a practising dental hygienist for 19 years, and never before have I tested or used a toothbrush more effective than any electric brush I recommended in the past. I like the ease of use and the ionic effect using light and saliva without batteries. I really encourage dry brushing and with the Soladey Ionic brush, it fits perfectly into my patient’s regimen program. The results have been whiter teeth, less plaque, and cleaner fresher breath for patients and myself.”

Victoria DaCosta RDH – 2004 President Santa Barbara Dental Hygiene Association

A perfect check-up, how scandalous!

“After no dental check-ups for 6 years, this is the story with the dentist… the x-rays revealed no cavities. Not even that “little one we are going to watch” cavity. Despite the goggles and the heavy duty equipment there wasn’t much plague build up. No “scaling”, whatever that is, required. No one told me I hadn’t been brushing right. No one even mentioned the floss. They kept looking in disbelief, but there you have it – a perfect check up. Hmmm… Scandalous! So I thought I’d mention what I have been doing because it would seem I’m doing something right?

For the past 6 plus years, I have been using a Soladey ionic toothbrush!”

Heather M-C Nova Scotia

Free of germs and bacteria – sick less

“Since my daughter started using Soladey, her check ups have dramatically improved. I don’t believe her brushing habits changed…it was that new toothbrush…she also gets sick with less frequency. I think it is because her mouth is cleaner and more free of germs and bacteria.”

M. Rieley Regina SK

Another family that’s delighted with ion5

“I would like to tell you how delighted we are with Soladey toothbrushes that our family bought. Whenever we visit the dentist, we get comments on how we must spend a lot of time on our teeth, when in fact we do not take that much trouble over out teeth. It just goes to show you how effective these toothbrushes are.”

S. Gross Richmond BC

I saved over $600 last year…

“I am truly delighted with my Soladey, I have a clean fresh mouth each time I use it, whiter teeth and I saved over $600 last year, compared to the years previous dental products purchased. I did not believe it until I did my taxes!”

Joe K, Ann Arbor MIchigan / USA

My mouth feels a lot more healthier now

“I am more aware of my smile now, and my mouth feels so clean all of the time. I thought that I would never want to give up using toothpaste and mouthwash because it is all I have ever know, but my mouth feels a lot more healthier now, compared to what it used to with the old way of brushing. After reading all about the negative effects of fluoride, I was so happy to see a product like this invented.”

D, Drensil Kirkland WA

Georie loves the ion5, and you will too!

“Well I just got my new toothbrush today and I think this is an answer to my prayers. I love this thing; I can tell the difference already.”

Georgie San Jose, California

It’s a healthier choice for my family

“I am very satisfied with my Soladey Ion5 ionic toothbrush – I don’t want to ever be without it again. It is a healthier choice for my family.”

L, Charico Mexico City, Mexico